I’m locked within these prison walls
Made up of broken useless hope

I am your slave, do as you please
Just please do something, and let me breathe

I suffocate in these dark walls,
Can you not hear my urgent calls?

I beg of you please let me in,
Can you not hear my stifling scream?

I long to be a part of you,
Can you not see my fervent clue?

What have I done or didn’t do,
To show you, that all this is true?

Copyright, 2012 - MyPoeticSoulNY

(via mypoeticsoul-ny)

Random thoughts:

  • I need to buy a lot of books or own an eReader
  • I’m so nervous school starts on wednesday next week. New people. New school. New courses. New major. Idk what to do
  • I need to finish reading Looking for Alaska. I dropped it off like 2 years ago and didn’t bother to finish
  • And re-read Catcher in the Rye
  • Read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, Tuesdays with Morrie, If i Stay (and the other book that comes with it), Eleanor & Park, Lola and the Boy Next Door and all the popular books that i see in my feed all the time. & Also the classics
  • What if we don’t exist? The brain is our mastermind and we all just imagine things like what we touch is just actually nothing and the brain is just telling us there is a solid thing i am holding right now. What if there is just a blank space within a blank space and the brain is just telling us that there is this phone i am holding and it has colors. Everything is mere imaginations and we are, and everything else, is actually just nothing like literally nothing and there is no world, universe, nothing but brain- that is not actually a solid brain but something somewhere in the nothingness of everything.
  • I need to paint.
  • Where’s my piano?
  • Print photographs!!